I am an ecologist with an extensive fieldwork portfolio and experience of population genetics who specialises in Ida-WestCoastunderstanding animal behaviour and decision-making. My research focuses on how animals acquire and use information in different contexts. For example, how animals’ perception of reward values and the trade-offs they choose to make, (e.g. between time, energy and information), affect their behaviour and relate to their ecological circumstances. I am becoming interested in the possibility of applying these skills in the fields of conservation and community foraging dynamics.

My current focus in on improving our understanding of the nest building behaviour of birds.

Awards and Additional Qualifications:

SULSA Leaders award: (26 June 2013): £15,567.88

This funding was awarded on the basis of the perceived future leadership potential of candidates in their field. The award supports the personal development of candidates through training, work placements and grant writing time.

Prince2 project management: Practitioner level qualification

Key Skills:

Design and implementation of field and laboratory experiments
Data analysis
Project management
Publication and dissemination of research findings
International collaboration and networking
People and field site management, including: supervision of students and junior colleges
Public engagement
Innovation e.g. novel uses of technology such as pattern recognition software